Golden Delicious Klon B "Lb"

High and regular yields, early harvest, good fertility and fruit size. Not susceptible to rusting, pretty fruit shape and fruit color with even, characteristic flecks. Red cheeks only develop in favorable cultivation areas. Skin is not very thick, smooth, not very waxy, with visible, slightly rust-colored flecks, tends to rust and slightly intensified growth.



  • middle-sized to large fruit
  • tall, with slightly flat fruit shape
  • green-gold coloring that is gold when fully ripe, may have red cheeks
  • firm, golden, crisp, juicy flesh
  • sour-sweet, very flavorful taste



  • selection from Golden Clone B, testing center Laimburg, 1978



  • weak to medium-strong growth
  • mid-late bloom, good pollinator, pollinators: Jonathan, Granny Smith, Gloster 69, Summerred, Red Delicious



  • beginning up to mid-September, not very susceptible to premature shedding of fruit
  • very good shelf life, lasts in storage until June