Golden Delicious Reinders®

Suitable for cultivation in less-than-optimal cultivation areas. Fruits are not very susceptible to rust and have very smooth skins and a very nice shape. The flesh is golden, firm, and crisp. It is sweet and exhibits a very low acid content. Somewhat less flavorful and somewhat lower yields than Golden Lb. Correct harvest time necessary.


  • medium-sized fruit
  • very tall
  • green basic color, turns golden when fully ripe, and green on the shade side
  • skin is not very thick, very smooth, somewhat waxy, with very low tendency to rust, low number of characteristic flecks



  • mutation of Golden Del., discovered by Reinders, Netherlands



  • medium-hardy growth, side branches initially grow at open angles
  • mid-late bloom, good pollinator, pollinators: Jonathan, Granny Smith, Gloster 69, Summerred, Ozark Gold, Red Delicious



  • beginning up to mid-September, as with the Golden Delicious
  • when harvested at the right time, can be stored up until the end of June