Granny Smith

At harvest time, the apple tree Granny Smith has middle to high yields, and is thus regularly productive and rarely biennial bearing. Somewhat susceptible to scurf mildew. Very good storage. Ripe for eating 1 month after harvest


  • middle-sized to large fruit
  • round, tall shape
  • vivid green color, and light green to gold-green when fully ripe
  • often with undesirable red cheeks
  • firm, slightly wavy skin with large and bright flecks
  • white, firm, crisp, and very juicy flesh
  • high acid content, not very sweet or aromatic



  • chance seedling from Australia, 1868, by T. Smith



  • medium-hardy growth, arborization is first steep, then flat
  • mid-early bloom, good pollinator
  • pollinators: Golden, Jonathan, Red Delicious, Idared



  • 2 weeks after Golden Del., no premature fruit shedding, not sensitive to pressure