We produce exclusively "Knipbäume"

Kaufmann Franz and Luis from Scena (BZ), welcome you. Our tree nursery exists since 1999.


Al Apple varieties are M9 T337 "veredelt" and exclusively produced as "Knippbäume" with good branch.


Golden Delicious

Clone B "Lb"

Golden Delicious





Evereste and Prof. Sprenger. You can find a list of pollinators here.

® = Trademark registered, (S) = Protected variety


All apricots are based and "veredelt" on virusfree "St. Julien A". If you are interested on other varieties, please let us know. We are here to help!

"Vinschger Marille"

Selection 2000



Cultivation & Quality

The production of the trees is southern to Lake Garda in the provence of Brescia - Lombardy. It is a "fruit growing free" place with "virgin ground".


We produce exclusively "Knip Bäume" on M9, best quality, certified and controlled regularly by the local "tree protection office".


As a member of the KSB (Consortium South-Tyrolean Nursery) we become the "Edelreißer" out of the certified and strong controlled garden, wich is located in the provence of Brecia in Corzano.


Franz Kaufmann

St.-Georgen-Str. 38

I-39017 Scena (BZ)


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