Red Del. Redvelox® Stark Gugger


  • Mutation of Red Del. Standard
  • Variety denomination:
    Red Del. RedVelox® Stark Gugger
  • Variety owner: Griba Nursery
    Licence f. production: GRIBA Baumschulgen. Landw. Ges., Niederthorstraße 9, 39018 Terlan (BZ)

The tree

  • Growth: moderate
  • Flowering: few days before Golden Del.
  • Yield: like Red Del. Standard
  • Alternative bearing: not susceptible

The fruit

  • Size: middle-big
  • Harvest period: 1 weed before Red Del. Standard
  • Storability: until 7 months in CA
  • Colour: dark red
  • Covering colour in %: 100
  • Type of colour: washy – light striped
  • Shape: typical for Red Del.
  • Particular characteristic: Early and homogeneous coloring on the whole tree. About 2-3 weeks earlier than other clones.